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The Vinyl flooring Lahore Pakistan

The floor of the house is an area that is always in use. At the same time, someone is walking on it, playing, or dropping something on it. Therefore, the thing which is in continuous use the whole day long must have a high–quality covering.

Over time, with the help of technology and advancements, Vinyl Flooring has moved to the top of the list when someone talks about top-notch floor coverings. Now, when you consider new flooring options, Vinyl and Luxury Vinyl are the most significant coverings.

We at Besto Specialist provide our vinyl flooring in Lahore Pakistan for both homes and office areas. You can ask us any questions related to the quality and price of vinyl flooring in Pakistan. We have a professional staff that can guide you at your doorstep.

Why choose vinyl flooring?

It is the most popular choice for several customers. A large variety of these flooring options varying in colors, designs, and shapes is available all over the markets. All of them are water and stain-resistant. For this reason, Besto Specialist vinyl flooring Lahore Pakistan recommends that customers install them in slippery areas like the kitchen and bathrooms specifically.

Moreover, vinyl flooring is more durable and affordable than other floor options. They are easy to install and maintain in both homes as well as in commercial places. Furthermore, they are comfortable for houses with elderly people, kids, and pets.

Installation of vinyl flooring Lahore Pakistan

Once you convey your requirements to the team of Besto Specialist vinyl flooring Lahore Pakistan, the team members visit your site to take proper measurements for the installation of tiles and plastic sheets. Then they give free advice and a rough estimation of the cost. Moreover, they always try to accommodate the budget of our customers as much as possible. 

Furthermore, for your convenience, Besto Specialist company has a large variety of designs in the showroom. You can visit there and select tiles of your own choice. We offer unmatchable styles with a guarantee that you will not find a better price or service in Lahore for Vinyl installation.

Types of Vinyl Floors

Different types of flooring options are available on Besto Specialist vinyl flooring in Lahore Pakistan as given below:

Vinyl Plank

They are used in place of hardwood floors and have the following features:

  • Available in all colors, textures, and wood grains. 
  • More durable as compared to wood flooring.
  • Are water-resistant while wood flooring is not.
  • Also, they are stain-resistant. 
  • Besides all, they are very easy to maintain.

Vinyl tyles

They resemble stone tyles but is not stone in texture. Some of their features are given below: 

  • They come in a wide variety in the market.
  • Have different colors, sizes, and designs that can be arranged in a variety of patterns. 
  • Sometimes Grout is added in between the tiles to enhance the beauty of stones or ceramic tiles.
  • These tiles are the best choice for small areas as they are easy to cut according to space. 
  • Their repair is also easy for anyone 
  • A damaged section can be replaced with a new single tile easily

Vinyl Sheet

It is a sheet of flooring which is up to 12’ wide. This type of flooring is easy to install in large areas. Characteristic features of vinyl sheets are given below:

  • They are durable and very affordable 
  • Can be installed over all kinds of flooring like wood flooring or even on previous tiles. 
  • Among them, Inlaid Vinyl is the most popular style for highly used floors.
  • It is made by embedding the color granules directly into the top layer of the vinyl which creates a beautiful look 
  • That also resists scratches and marks on the floor
  • Even though many steps are taken for Vinyl flooring durability but still many possibilities are here to keep them protective and shiny for years.

Vinyl Flooring Layers

These layers are constructed above each other in a very delicate procedure. Although this is a time-consuming process, it can make Vinyl Flooring one of the most durable flooring among all the different solutions. Vinyl Flooring consists of seven different but equally important layers which are as follows

Top Coat 

The uppermost layer of vinyl flooring provides a shine that is typically due to vinyl. It serves to defend the wear layer from damage. 

Wear Layer

To protect the pattern layer of vinyl flooring, the wear layer is the best source. That is the primary function of the wear layer for which it is constructed.

Pattern layer

This s the layer that holds the design and color of Besto Specialist vinyl flvinyl flooring in Lahore Pakistan. It is just below the wear layer.

Cushion Layer

It is an extremely important part of the construction process that provides both the texture and the function of vinyl flooring


This part of vinyl flooring helps in flooring structure, making it flat and preventing curling over time 

Base Layer

It is mainly for firm support and keeping all other layers in perfect position. It is just like the foundation of a building on which all structure is based.

Advantages of Vinyl flooring

If someone is in search of a new floor, Besto Specialist vinyl flooring Lahore Pakistan is the best option. But the question arises why one should use it? It is because of its several advantages, some of which include

  • Moisture Resistant

Vinyl is by nature a waterproof element that makes it perfect in bathroom flooring option and also excellent laundry room surface. An ideal kitchen floor also needs such a surface that is moisture resistant. 

  • Durability

Vinyl plank flooring is long-lasting in terms of durability. These are best for people who have pet dogs so they don’t have to worry about their peeing on them. Similarly, it is suitable for kids scuffing on them

  • Easy to clean and maintain

The waterproof feature of Besto Specialistvinyl flooring makes it easy to clean. One can easily maintain its cleanliness by vacuum or by sweeping it. For humid climates, it is a great floor.

  • Stunning and attractive 

A comparison to solid hardwood flooring, it is elegant. Moreover, it is so soft that no one can get any harm due to it.

Why one should hire Besto Specialist vinyl flooring lahore pakistan;

A lot of options are available in our company offering a variety of new and recent options. It readily depends on the customer where he wants to place it and the nature of the activity that is to be done on that floor. 


Besto Specialist vinyl flooring Lahore Pakistan provides the best flooring options in Lahore. Anyone who wants to hire our services can easily contact us through 

  • Registered Contact number
  • WhatsApp chat option
  • Our Website 
  • Email and many more 

Vinyl Flooring Price

Vinyl Flooring Price In Lahore

Best Vinyl Flooring Price Lahore
Rs 140 per sqft
In Lahore its price 140 per Sqft.

Vinyl Flooring Price In Pakistan

All over the Pakistan Rough Estimate 
Best Vinyl Flooring Price in Pakistan aroundRs 160 per sqft .
Its depend on Location where you want vinyl flooring different area have different price and material  .

Difference Between Vinyl and Laminate Flooring 

One key difference between vinyl and laminate flooring is durability. Vinyl is a softer material, so it is more susceptible to dents and scratches. Laminate, on the other hand, is much more resistant to wear and tear. Another difference between these two types of flooring is installation. Vinyl can either be glued or floating, while laminate as like wooden flooring must be floating. This means that vinyl can be installed over existing flooring, while laminate cannot.

So, when it comes to choosing between vinyl and laminate flooring, it really depends on your needs and preferences. If you are looking for a durable option that can withstand heavy traffic, then laminate may be the better choice. However, if you are looking for an easier to install option, then vinyl may be the way to go.

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