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Melasma treatment in Pakistan

 What Is melasma?

It is what?

Typically, melasma is a pigmentary skin condition. On the face, it typically manifests as dark pigmentation that gradually grows. The most frequently impacted facial regions are the chin, upper lip, cheekbones, and forehead. Males and females can develop melasma, however women who are or have recently been pregnant and those taking birth control pills are most likely to be afflicted.

What triggers it?

Overstimulation of the skin’s pigment-producing cells results in melasma. Sunlight appears to be a significant contributor to its causes, even though the exact mechanism is unknown. Other factors include hormonal issues or, in the case of women, contraceptive tablets. The dark discoloration is caused by the skin accumulating extra pigment for this you need melasma treatment in Pakistan.

Is there any risk?

Melasma is a benign condition. It has nothing to do with cancer and has nothing to do with the internal organs.

Is it curable?

Melasma propensity cannot be avoided, although therapy can frequently make many individuals feel better. We assess every patient separately to create a treatment plan that is specific to their level and outward manifestation of participation. We employ a four-pronged approach to try to minimize the pigmentation once a woods light inspection is performed to establish the depth of pigmentation, including a bleaching procedure, sunscreens, beta peels, laser treatments, and the most recent mesotherapy by best skin specialists in DHA Even though the majority of Melasma sufferers see a substantial change in the appearance of their discoloration, not all individuals respond to the condition’s cutting-edge treatments. To avoid recurrences, a thorough skin care regimen must be followed a successful melasma treatment in Lahore.

Will it grow more?

Melasma is primarily treated on the face, though it can also affect the neck and arms. If the amount of sunshine exposure is not reduced, it can get worse.

Is it spreadable?

You cannot “catch” melasma from anyone because it is not communicable.

Best Method of Melasma Treatment for Face

Get the truthful counsel from the top dermatologist in Lahore for the treatment for melasma in Lahore, Pakistan. From the simplest to the most complicated skin issues, we offer top-notch services to treat them all.

At Cosmetique, we offer the best treatment for pigmentation in Lahore, Pakistan. We do this with the use of our specially formulated medicated creams and cutting-edge tools including microdermabrasion and more than 25 cutting-edge lasers. Alhamdulillah, we have a higher success rate treating melasma and pigmentation than any other clinic in South Asia, and we likely have more expertise treating patients with darker skin and pigmentation than most clinics worldwide.

How Can I Get in Touch with the Best Skin Surgeons in My Area at Cosmetique Skin Care Clinic?

To schedule an appointment at the top dermatologist in Lahore for treatment for melasma in Lahore, Pakistan. Call the Cosmetique Clinic near me at 03-111-077-111 as soon as you can. Alternatively, you can click here to go to the official website of our skin care center: 

Typically, you may consult the best dermatologists in my area online or in person. The initial consultation is typically complimentary, which is the nicest part.

Our best skin specialists in DHA listen to your needs throughout the appointment and ask you a few questions.

  1. Based on your demands, they then recommend a suitable skin treatment technique. 
  2. When it’s most convenient for you, you can then schedule an appointment for any further treatment.

You may rest assured that our dermatologists will be there for you when you need them.

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